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Local Veterans Get Tools To Change To Civilian Life

It was a tribute to the local veterans in Indio today.

Local politicians gathered at the “Veteran’s Expo” all to give thanks to U.S. servicemen and women for all their work.

Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack handed out plaques and honorary flags to four local veterans.

The veteran’s expo did more than just honor the troops. It also gave them information they could use to help them transition into life after serving. Items offered included information on medical services, housing, home loans, and jobs.

The event not only offered services for recent veterans, but also for our older veterans. Benefits included options for wives of veterans and how they can help support local families dealing with similar circumstances.

President Obama has passed a number of veteran related laws recently, including the Veterans’ Benefit Act to protect former servicemen and women from workplace discrimination.

While troops leave Iraq, the war on terror continues. U.S. and international authorities are investigating a failed terror plot on U.S. bound planes. It is a reminder that our troops’ work may never be done.

KESQ News Team


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