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Plastic bag ban begins in Palm Springs

Paper, reusable plastic, or canvas? Those are your choices when shopping at major retailers in Palm Springs.

Starting Monday shoppers will not be able to get free plastic one-time-use bags at any store that makes more than two million dollars a year.

Some people are not happy about it.

“Are we turning into Communist Russia?!” Palm Springs resident Jolie Estrada is not for the ban, “we can’t force every single person to go along with an environmental agenda. Although I think it’s a good idea I don’t like that it’s forced. It should be a choice and I think that some of the seniors can’t be lugging around 20 pounds of bags when they go grocery shopping,” says Estrada.

Many shoppers are for the ban on plastic bags.

“I’ve been bringing my own bag to the grocery store for quite awhile now primarily because it just seems like the earth friendly thing to do,” says Palm Springs resident Tori Blackburn.

“We see entire continents banning or doing away with plastic bags entirely,” says Michele Mician, Manager of the Office of Sustainability for the City of Palm Spring. “It has become such a nuisance.”

Smaller Mom and Pop stores still have a few months until they are asked to voluntarily comply with the law. The City of Palm Springs is offering $500 to stores that say this change is too much of a burden.

The state of California will be banning all plastic bags in July of 2015.

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