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Innovative blood test helps prevent and detect Heart Disease

A new blood test can detect and prevent Heart Disease. In the United States, Heart Disease is the leading cause of death of all diseases in men and women.

“My grandfather passed away from a heart attack,” said patient, Theresa Miller. “I had an uncle who also passed away at a young age from a heart attack. My father had heart disease that was diagnosed at a relatively young age in his 40s.”

A high risk Heart Disease patient about to celebrate her 50th birthday, the Corus CAD test gave Miller the peace of mind she needed.

“A healthy artery has no blockage no plaque build up and what this test called Chorus CAD that we use in the clinic tells us is if you have blockage over 50 percent in the artery,” said Dr. Nicole Ortiz of Live Well Clinic in La Quinta.

Dr. Ortiz was the first doctor to use the Corus CAD test in the Coachella Valley. It’s the first of it’s kind to account for differences in men and women.

“When most patients come in they’re thinking how can I prevent cancer, how can I prevent diabetes, what they don’t know is the number one thing that will take their life is their heart,” explained Dr. Ortiz.

And for women, Heart Disease can be a silent killer. The Corus CAD test is the first developed that examines artery blockage specifically in women and it can be done in a doctor’s office.

“The test also is appropriate for a man and tests their unique and specific genetic expression that also is a disease progression that we’re looking at,” added Dr. Ortiz.

“Don’t wait,” concluded Miller. “It doesn’t hurt, it’s a simple blood draw and it tells you about what’s going on in your heart.”

Medicare and some insurance companies will cover the cost of the test.Doctors suggest you have the test done if you experience typicalsymptoms that may indicate a heart blockage like chest pain or heart palpitations, or less obvious symptoms like abdominal discomfort or nausea.

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