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Timothy Bradley fight ends in draw

Timothy Bradley thought he did enough in his 12 rounds against Diego Chaves on Saturday night in Las Vegas. According to the judges, it wasn’t enough for a win or a loss. Bradley earned a draw in his first fight since losing to Manny Pacquiao in April, both firsts in the Desert Storm’s professional boxing career.

Spectators at the Cosmopolitan, as well as thousands watching on pay-per-view had Bradley dominating Chaves, repeatedly landing rights while also eluding most of Chaves’ clean blows. After the fight, Bradley admitted he thought he won eight of the rounds.

Julie Lederman scored it 116-112 for Chaves, Burt Clements had it 115-113 for Bradley and Craig Metcalfe had 114-114, a draw.

Bradley bypassed his post-match press conference and was taken to a local hospital for evaluation of his left eye and cheekbone. He said he thought he fractured his left cheek, and that could’ve contributed to Bradley losing the final few rounds because of a swollen-shut left eye.

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