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Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians shares traditions with community

It was a day of culture at Palm Springs High School. For the first time ever the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians held the Kewet Learning Day and Market.

Blossom Hathaway was one of many teaching visitors skills she holds dear.

“Basket weaving is a very important part of our everyday life. It was something that was practiced all the time. You’re constantly gathering, weaving, working on something you needed the baskets for. So many different times,” Hathaway said.

She said basket weaving is an important tradition her tribe prides itself on. She wants to make sure the younger generation doesn’t loose that skill.

“It’s very important to teach our youth the importance of the plants and their uses and how to use them. The process you have to go through to make the baskets and process the material,” Hathaway said.

The whole point of the market is to introduce others to the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians Traditions.

“Public can now come here and see and partake in it. And it’s really an attempt to break those stereotypes that people may have. That thinking we’re the same tribe as the one in the plains that lived in teepees and rode horses,” said Chairman Jeff Grubbe.

The event showcasing everything from bird singing and pottery making.

“It’s really an opportunity for my tribe to share our culture. Culture, food and traditions, basically every different aspect of the tribe that we’ve enjoyed for thousands of years in the valley,” Grubbe said.

He said he hopes by sharing their culture it brings the community together.

KESQ News Team


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