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Student Athlete of the Week- Aysia Johnson

This week’s student athlete of the week Aysia Johnson was a stand out basketball player for Horizon Christian Academy out of San Diego. The July before beginning her senior year the school shut its doors and forced the Johnson family to relocate to the desert and begin school at Desert Christian Academy. Johnson has thrived to start the season helping her Conquerors get out to a 10-2 start and averaging 25 PPG. Cody Krupp has her story.


Being the new kid on the block is never easy.

“I was so nervous, me and my sister would just sit by ourselves at lunch. I hadn’t even been out to the desert out here so it was different.” Student Athlete of the week Aysia Johnson said of her move to the desert.

When you lead your team to a 10-2 start averaging 25-ppg, you’re going to catch the attention of your new classmates.

“Everybody was kind of shocked when they first saw me play which was new.” Johnson said.

She is already being considered by some the best girls basketball player in the valley.

“Aysia is definitely one of those once in a life time girls. I could back it up and say she is the best girl in the valley.” Head Coach Johnny Huerta had to say about his senior guard.

A quiet personality but makes her noise where it matters most.

“You would think she is real loud but she is real quiet. Let’s her action and her game on the court doing the talking. Hard to find that at this time when everybody is me me me but she is about the team that’s what I love about her.” Huerta added.

I am not much of talker but on the court a whole different side comes out. Aggressive and just want to win.

From a powerhouse in San Diego.

“We were always one of the best teams in San Diego, had one of our players go to Stanford. Played basketball there so I have always been surrounded by really good talent.” Johnson said of her old school before it closed down this summer.

Before she heads on a scholarship to Biola University, she is going to try and build a powerhouse right here in her senior year.

“One of the most talented girls teams I have ever coach.” Huerta said.

“Coming here it was nice to bring that energy to a school that hasn’t really seen it before.” Johnson finished.

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