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IID official provides more info on ‘one of largest low-income’ solar projects in U.S.

On Wednesday, the Imperial Irrigation District announced what it’s calling “one of the largest low-income community solar projects in the nation.”

The program in its current form aims to serve over 12,000 electric customers and is set to help provide relief in the form of reduced monthly bills under its Residential Energy Assistance Program (REAP) and new eGreen Program.

Emmanuel Martinez, with IID, says that the 200-acre project is located in Calipatria. From there energy is being transferred to its qualifying customers.

“What IID is going to do is automatically enroll those customers that are part of the energy assistance program, automatically enroll them into the benefits of this community solar program, which is upwards of about 12000 customers,” Martinez said.

Martinez says there are still options for those who may not meet the low-income criteria.

“We have programs in place as well for energy efficiency retrofits.”

He also says the project is a start to accomplish some of California’s most ambitious renewable energy goals. One of those includes having 100 percent clean energy by 2045.

“We adhere to those goals that the state has to improve air quality in our region by generating energy from renewable resources as well as helping those who are most in need,” Martinez said.

Martinez says customers can see the changes on next month’s billing cycle.

For more information, we have provided IID’s link below.

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