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Additional weekly $300 payments coming soon for California’s pandemic unemployed


Help is on its way for hundreds of thousands of people in our state still out of work. Many people receiving unemployment benefits will soon see an extra $300 a week.

News Channel 3's Dani Romero has more on how the extra assistance will help those trying to get by.

Another wave of help is headed to the pockets of many still unemployed.

"It just makes a big difference, when you are already unemployed, your income is cut way back," said Donna Palivos, who's unemployed. "So the extra $300 will be terrific."

Donna Palivos has been out of work since March but this month she's seen a decrease in her unemployment benefits. The extra $600 dollars a week in federal help expired in July.

"I did see a number that said this much is left in your account," said Palivos. "So I am thinking does that mean that the unemployment runs out, I don't know and there's really not a person where you can ask, what happens then."

Now, EDD plans to start processing payments starting September 7th for the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program signed by President Trump. The benefit payments will be  retroactive to August 1. This program will be a minimum of three weeks. Those who are eligible must already receive at least $100 per week in benefits.

"It 'll look real good in the bank account," said Palivos. "These low numbers are not very fun to look at."

Local economist, Michael Bracken weighs in as the Coachella Valley's unemployment rate reaches 16.3%.

"That extra $300 a week will create over $9 million of additional spending in the valley, again, on things like rent utilities and food," said Michael Bracken, Chief Economist for Development Management Group Inc. "This will be a lifeline also to keep some of our local businesses operating that are otherwise really struggling as well."

EDD says the LWA program will be split into two phases. The first phase will cover people who have already applied for unemployment due to the pandemic. And the second phase will help those who have not had the opportunity to apply for unemployment.

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