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Can you get a flu shot and COVID-19 shot at the same time?

Flu season is fast approaching and flu shots are now available — but is it safe to get both your flu shot and COVID-19 shot at the same time? Health officials say it is.   

“COVID-19 vaccines and the flu vaccine are not live viruses. So there’s no reason that you can’t get them at the same time. They don’t interact with one another,” said Lindsey Valenzuela, Associate Vice-President, Population Health Integration, Desert Oasis Healthcare. 

Valenzuela added it might even be preferred to get both at one time out of convenience. “If you’re in a situation where you can get both of them at the same time, take that opportunity,” she said.  

Desert Oasis Healthcare explains each year between October and March, they see a flu surge in the valley and flu patients end up in the hospital. Like last year, the concern is experiencing both a flu and COVID-19 surge at the same time. 

“Having both at the same time can really overload a hospital system,” she said. 

The other concern is trying to treat patients battling both illnesses at once. “The flu virus and COVID-19 are two different viruses so you could get both on top of the other.” 

While they say it is safe to get your flu and COVID-19 vaccine together, you might want to get each shot on a different arm to prevent soreness. 

“It doesn’t matter which dose in the series you’re on — 1, 2 or booster — you should get the flu shot. You’ve got two arms, you’ve got time for two vaccinations,” she said.

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