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Big Bear bald eagle lays a second egg

Friends of Big Bear Valley

It's that time of the year once again! We're on egg watch over at the big bear nest.

Jackie, the female eagle, laid a second egg Tuesday afternoon. She laid her first egg on Saturday.

Officials said that bald eagles typically lay two eggs per clutch, but sometimes a third (and even fourth) can be laid. Officials have said in the past that eggs typically hatch in 35 to 38 days.

You can watch a live camera of the eagles' nest, courtesy of the Friends of Big Bear Valley.

Last year, Jackie laid five eggs, but unfortunately, none of them ended up hatching, due to a combination of issues, including ravens.

The eggs have failed to hatch for several years in a row now, but hopefully, 2022 is the lucky year.

The area around the nest in Big Bear has been as human disturbance during nesting season can cause bald eagles to abandon nests.

Click here to learn more about the history of eagles in Big Bear and check out the FAQ section on the Friends of Big Bear Valley website.

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