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E-Coli Found In Water Supply At Indio Mobile Home Park

Residents at Bermuda Palms Mobile Home Estates in Indio are being told to not drink the water because it is contaminated with e-coli.

About three weeks ago, the park’s well water tested positive for e-coli.

“They told us there were bees in the well. So, they’d have to close it down and get the beehives out and chlorinate the water,” resident Marilyn Sadler said.

People living at Bermuda Palms said a boil water notice went out on March 12. A week later, it was lifted. Eight days after that, they were told again not to drink the water.

Residents say it has caused confusion and, in some cases, illness.

“When I went back home for a physical, my doctor asked, ‘How did you get e-coli in your urine?,'” resident Joan Summer said.

Bermuda Palms is run by Cal-Am Properties. It’s the same management running the La Quinta Ridge Mobile Estates where, last year, a chemical used in rocket fuel was found in the water supply.

County health officials say they’ll be testing water samples from Bermuda Palms this week to see if the well water has been decontaminated.

But for some people living there, it may not be enough.

“Either way, I’m afraid to drink the water,” said Sadler.

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