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Mirror House owner threatened with citations

The popular Desert X “Mirage” house in Palm Springs was supposed to be removed but plans to remove the art installation are now being delayed.

Building and Code Enforcement told KESQ / CBS Local 2 that sent a letter to the owners of the “Mirage” house on November 14, informing them that they must remove the temporary structure by November 30.

The owner has been given until December 14 to obtain a demolition permit to remove the structure.

“We have been in communication with the owner, and they are coordinating with a contractor to obtain that permit. If the work is not completed by the due date, we will continue with Code Enforcement action which may include daily citations,” said Jim Zicaro, Director of Building and Code Enforcement for the City of Palm Springs, in a statement to KESQ / CBS Local 2.

KESQ News Team


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