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A cracked lake bottom is seen in Colony

Number of heat-related illness and deaths rises as Coachella Valley sees more frequent heat waves and hotter days

Under the blistering sun, on a 117 degree day, it can feel like your skin is burning as you toil without shade. It’s why farmworkers in the East Coachella Valley wear long sleeves, drenched in sweat they can never seem to replenish fast enough. “It start in the lips, don’t speak good,” said Vidal Mendoza Fonseca, a farmworker who

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Valley Sanitary District employee raises questions about General Manager’s employment

At the Valley Sanitary District in Indio, they collect, treat, and re-use wastewater. But, a nine-year employee at the agency says there is something else that “doesn’t smell quite right”. “Taxpayers are being cheated out of pay they’re paying this General Manager,” said Paul Kemp, a Maintenance Technician  Kemp is asking why, the district’s General

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