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Proposition Guide

KESQ Voter Guide: Prop 24

  • Consumer Personal Information Law and Agency Initiative
  • Permits consumers to prevent businesses from sharing personal information, correct inaccurate personal information, and limit businesses’ use of "sensitive personal information," including precise geolocation, race, ethnicity, and health information
    • It also establishes California Privacy Protection Agency
  • What does a Yes Vote mean?
    • Existing consumer data privacy laws and rights would be expanded. Businesses required to meet privacy requirements would change. A new state agency and the state’s Department of Justice would share responsibility for overseeing and enforcing state consumer privacy laws.
  • What does a No Vote mean?
    • Businesses would continue to be required to follow existing consumer data privacy laws. Consumers would continue to have existing data privacy rights. The state’s Department of Justice would continue to oversee and enforce these laws.
  • Fiscal Impact:
    • Increased annual state costs of at least $10 million, but unlikely exceeding low tens of millions of dollars, to enforce expanded consumer privacy laws.
    • Some costs would be offset by penalties for violating these laws.

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