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Patricia Brown released from jail, reunites with family


Patricia Brown is out of jail for the first time since August of 2016. Tuesday, a judge granted her $100,000 bail and a new trial after she was convicted in the death of her step-son.

Patrica was released from custody at the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside just before 11:30 pm. Her family waited to finally reunite with her all night. 

"I'm excited and I am blessed to be out. I really am, I feel blessed," Patricia told KESQ & CBS Local 2's Lauren Coronado moments after being released.

Brown was convicted in August 2016 of second-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old stepson Deetrick.

Brown and her husband, Derrick, were first charged with murder in 2003, but a judge who presided over a preliminary hearing that October ruled there wasn't enough evidence to proceed to trial.

A decade later, the Riverside County District Attorney's office and the Sheriff's department re-examined the case and submitted new evidence that resulted in the refiling of charges against the Browns. They were re-arrested on Jan. 16, 2013 -- 10 years to the day after Deetrick's death.

Derrick was acquitted after a judge ruled there was a lack of evidence. 

Brown was finally granted a new trial in March after Riverside County Superior Court Judge John G. Evans ruled that the evidence presented at the trial was insufficient for a conviction against her. 

"The weight of the evidence supports the conclusion that Deetrick was not a normal, healthy child long before he came into the care of the browns," Judge Evans said.

Brown's family are planning a homecoming when she arrives home, with chicken soup waiting for Patricia.

Brown is expected back in court on April 27 and her re-trial, which was granted to her last month, is set for May 4. Brown's family are hoping the case is dismissed.

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