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Report: Interstate 10 One Of The Deadliest In The Nation

Move over, Highways 74 and 86.A new study shows there’s a new deadly road in Riverside County.

According to Fox News, Interstate 10 is one of the most dangerous in the nation.

The California Highway Patrol says it’s not the road conditions on I-10 causing the crashes. It’s the drivers.

“With four lanes in one direction and light to medium traffic conditions, you get a lot of people that, unfortunately, think that it’s a race track,” said CHP Officer Ramon Perez .

The February 11th study examined crash reports over the last five years.

In it, a reported 182 people died on I-10 since 2004, second only to I-15 in San Bernardino County which had nearly double the deaths in the same time frame.

It’s no surprise California has four of the top 10 deadliest roads.

But according to Fox News, it’s not just I-10 in Riverside County that’s deadly.Two stretches in Arizona are among the deadliest in the nation.

Lorna Puryear commutes from La Quinta to Anaheim for work and to Riverside to visit family. She’s surprised at the recent study.

“I would say probably in the 10 years I’ve been traveling back and forth, I’ve maybe been fully stopped by accidents maybetwo orthree times, which isn’t anything,” says Puryear.

The CHP says deaths on the I-10 will drop as soon as travelers start to drive more defensively.

“The primary collision factor that we see a lot are, first, excessive speed and aDUI,” saysOfficer Perez. “And then we also get a lot of people that just aren’t wearing their seatbelts.”

Hopefully, drivers will start to take the I-10 out of the fast lane for dangerous in the country.

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