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PSPD pulls back curtain on Jenny Dillon homicide investigation, but neighbors want more

Palm Springs police promised to inform the community on the investigation into the killing of a Palm Springs woman in her home, but neighbors said the update fell short.

"We're going to share absolutely everything we are able to at this point in the investigation," said Capt. Melissa Desmarais.

Jenny Dillon was found dead in her home on Davis Way in the Racquet Club Estates neighborhood of Palm Springs just more than two months ago. Neighbors made the gruesome discovery – Dillon's body, covered in blood.

At a community meeting Tuesday night on Zoom, police officials said they hoped to provide as much information as possible. However, several of Dillon's loved ones said they didn't share anything new.

"Basically what we got tonight was nothing more than we would have gotten on Facebook," said Ron Oliver, a close and longtime friend of Dillon's.

During the meeting, police detailed their search of the area for clues, in which they said they collected more than 1,100 surveillance videos. Police also shared they had ruled out several persons of interest as suspects.

But PSPD is a small department, and officials said it could be some time before much of the evidence is processed by the Department of Justice, which is assisting.

"Our resources are limited here in Palm Springs," said Lt. Erik Larson. "We don't have the resources to thoroughly process physical evidence, so we had to send out a lot of evidence." 

Last week, News Channel 3 broke the news Dillon's brother, Tom Dillon, is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to a conviction. "Someone out there knows something," he said. "The reward will hopefully have them come forward so we can find out what happened to my sister."

Friends and family are now hoping that months after the killing, investigators can zero in on a solid lead.

"I think the ball was dropped early on and a lot of this situation has been playing catch-up," Oliver said. "The truth of the matter is that this case got cold 3 days into it and I'm not sure they're going to be able to pick up the slack on that – I hope that they can."

Palm Springs police said this investigation has been a priority from the beginning and investigators will not stop until someone is charged and prosecuted. If you have any information, contact PSPD at (760) 323-8121 or (760) 778-8422.

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