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Student Athlete of the Week – Zack Kroker

“We knew Zack was going to be good we just didn’t know he was going to be this good.” Rancho Mirage Head Coach Rob Hanmer said.

A 6’7 senior guard that can down right fly and throughout his high school career he has booked a triple digit number of flights so I hope he got those reward points.

“Something in the 100’s I am not sure though.” Student athlete of the week Zack Kroker said about his number of dunks in games.

“Spectacular on the offensive side of the ball averaging nearly 30 points a game.” Hanmer said.

Last year the Rattlers graduated two time player of the year Charles Neal who averaged 25 a game. Kroker was the Robin to Batman but Coach Hanmer knew that if he wanted to see repeat results he would need more out of his senior leader.

“This summer and fall I put pressure on him to work on his game and improve and he did that.” Hanmer said about Zack’s time in the gym.

“Every day twice a day, multiple hours at a time. Lifting, running, and anything I possibly could do to get better.” Kroker said.

The guy nobody wants to guard on the court but the guy everyone wants to be around off of it.

“He is a really good kid, brings his iPhone into the gym and plays music. Has a pretty good selection for a high school kid.” Hanmer said.

“Mariah Carey All I Want for Christmas is You, that a big one, and then obviously rap.” Kroker said.

College basketball could soon be in his future.

“Do you want to play college ball?” Reporter Cody Krupp asked.

“Oh obviously yea!” Kroker answered.

He has a legacy to finish at Rancho Mirage.

“Coming this year we are still ring chasing. Semi finals were a big step but we did that the last two years though. Trying to move on and do things never done before.” Kroker finished.

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