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A cracked lake bottom is seen in Colony

Number of heat-related illness and deaths rises as Coachella Valley sees more frequent heat waves and hotter days

Under the blistering sun, on a 117 degree day, it can feel like your skin is burning as you toil without shade. It’s why farmworkers in the East Coachella Valley wear long sleeves, drenched in sweat they can never seem to replenish fast enough. “It start in the lips, don’t speak good,” said Vidal Mendoza Fonseca, a farmworker who

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In-Depth: Monkeypox stigma

A growing monkeypox outbreak in Riverside County is raising new concerns about the stigma it may create with the illness hitting mostly gay men. It has some people recalling the beginning of the early days of the fight against HIV and AIDS. News Channel 3 anchor John White is going in-depth, talking with 2 men who see

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Exclusive: Embedding with Palm Springs police during active shooter simulation

The Palm Springs Police Department is putting renewed focus on active shooter training for its officers. Since late June, officers have been going through rigorous assessments to determine their strengths and weaknesses.  “This particular assessment is probably the first one we’ve done in about 7 years,” said Lieutenant Gustavo Araiza of the Palm Springs Police

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News Channel 3 In-Depth: Long Covid

​​​​​News Channel 3’s Peter Daut is taking an in-depth look into what is called Long Covid, a medical phenomenon that is as real and extensive as it is uncertain and unpredictable. Long Covid can affect multiple systems and organs, including the brain and heart. Clues about the damage and causes are emerging, but right now

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In-Depth: Prescription to Save

A first-of-its-kind online pharmacy says it is putting people ahead of profits to save members up to 99% on drug costs. Scriptco Pharmacy, which recently got licensed in California, takes the true wholesale cost of a drug, and passes it on to the consumer. And as News Channel 3’s Peter Daut discovered, the savings can

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‘We’ll make some hard decisions in the next few weeks’ Palm Springs police targets rising gun violence

The Palm Springs Police Department is considering a variety of solutions to address an ongoing rise in violent crime citywide. “The gun violence problems in the northern part of our city. That is priority number one. We cannot afford to have people driving through the neighborhood and getting shot,” said PSPD Chief Andy Mills. PSPD

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