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Month: July 2020

Heatwave Strikes SoCal

Highs will climb to near record (and near all-time record) levels as we move into the weekend. Both a Heat Advisory and an Excessive Heat Warning are in place through Saturday. Highs could match the 121 degree reading we hit on July 12th. These temperatures are dangerous for people and pets, so take serious precautions

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Early Morning Quake

Did you feel it? A minor 4.2 magnitude earthquake struck in the Los Angeles area (1 mile north of Pacoima). The shaker registered an initial 4.5, but was revised downward to a 4.2 magnitude by USGS seismologists. Residents north of Los Angeles felt the shaking when the quake struck at 4:29 a.m. There were no

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Reporte del clima

Esta Noche: Despejado, la mínima alrededor de 85. Viento del sur de 5 a 10 mph y luego llegará del noroeste.Jueves Soleado y calor, la máxima alrededor de 118. Viento ligero y variable que llegará del sureste de 5 a 10 mph.Por la Noche: Despejado, la mínima alrededor de 89. Viento del noroeste de 5

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