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Scholar Athlete Of The Week

Student Athlete of the Week – Dawson Johnson

How would you describe him as a football player? “Hard worker, determined, tenacious,” said Palm Desert head coach Rudy Forti. “Just gets after it.”  Dawson Johnson is a football enthusiast. He didn’t find football, football found him.  “I never really played football growing up. I grew up in Canada,” said Johnson. “So a big soccer family,

Student Athlete of the Week – Sage Baricza

That is Sage Baricza front and center. The senior cheer captain for Palm Desert and a spirit enthusiast.  “I’ve been cheerleading for 14 years and I got started in a sport that’s a little bit different than high school cheer. I got started in all-star cheerleading when I was four years old,” said Baricza. “My mom

Student Athlete of the Week – Miranda Salcedo

“Come on Miranda lets go, lets go!”  That is Shadow Hills cross country head coach Richie DeTamble encouraging their senior powerhouse. Miranda Salcedo has waited her turn to take over the one spot for the Knights. “Miranda is one of those that doesn’t ask questions and just puts in the work. Well, when I say

Student Athlete of the Week – Kyle Hill

“The guys that go to Sacred Heart you are hoping or expecting that they come to Xavier. Doesn’t always work out like that. But Angie is a great lady and she brought Kyle to our school,” said XP head coach James Dockery. “He’s been a great ambassador on and off the field for Xavier, and

Student Athlete of the Week – Madison Siva

“The main reason I came to this school was because of their sports program,” said senior golf captain Madison Siva.  “She is a gritty player. She tries her best and she doesn’t let a whole lot bother her,” said head coach Debbie Koyama.  “I think the most important shot is the next one. So, if

Student Athlete of the Week – Joselin Martinez

Rajahs girls volleyball doesn’t rebuild, they reload. And this season is senior Joselin Martinez’s time to shine. “I expect for her to have some great, amazing, memorable plays out there,” said Indio head coach Meagan Nolasco. “Some great kills. She’s a force at the net with her big block. So, I expect her to be

Student Athlete of the Week – Dakota Minker

The Palm Desert girls volleyball team is led by southpaw standout Dakota Minker, a force at the net and a true competitor.  “Her being a senior, her being a lefty, and her being a returner. That’s huge in the volleyball world,” said Palm Desert Volleyball coach Melissa Walker. “Her leadership skills are incredible. She’s able to

Student Athlete of the Week – Martin Torres

La Quinta High School Cross-Country “He came out freshman year in track and that’s where I met him. He had two races and the first race he went it was funny,” said La Quinta Cross Country head coach Candy Felix. Our Student Athlete of the Week segment returns tonight and our first senior to be

Student Athlete of the Week – Tristan Mulahusejnovic

Tristan Mulahusejnovic is a triple threat athlete. Dazzled on the track, grinded on the field, and dominated on the pitch. Tristan was built for this.  “When I started walking my Grandfather took it on himself that I had to play sports,” said Mulahusejnovic. “I actually started with ballet and then I went into swimming, tennis,

Student Athlete of the Week – Hayden McKee

La Quinta track and field is always competing for league championships. We’ve seen some of the top track athletes come out of this program. But this year they have a unique talent, senior Hayden McKee who does it all.  “He’s got really good hops and he does it effortlessly. So immediately made him into a

Student Athlete of the Week – Arturo Rodriguez

We’re back on the baseball field, a field that’s produced a lot of great talent. Aztec baseball is always in the hunt in the DEL and this season senior Arturo Rodriguez is leading the way and is dangerous inside the batter’s box.  “It’s the team. The environment made me love baseball,” said senior Arturo Rodriguez.

Student Athlete of the Week – Michael DeTamble

“I’ve always been competitive. Even if it’s in the classroom,” said Shadow Hills senior Michael DeTamble. “You always want to be the best. I don’t see the point of not wanting to be the best.”  That’s the mindset of senior track standout Michael DeTamble who is coached by his Dad Richie at Shadow Hills. But

Student-Athlete of the Week – Dewayne Patterson

Dewayne Patterson is a walking bucket. The senior point guard for Rancho Mirage says he didn’t choose basketball, basketball chose him.  “What’s there not to love,” said Patterson. “You bounce the ball and it bounces right back to you. It’s one of the most loyal things in the world.” Don’t normally shoot these anymore but

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